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一般來說,藥廠使用的 CRM,資料都會從業務或是 email 來,但難道沒有更有效率的解決方法嗎? CRM 跟 SCRM 是截然不同的東西,有了 CRM 不代表完成數位轉型的全部,更還需要跟客戶溝通的「管道」,不然 CRM 裡面真的會什麼資料都沒有,有點像買毛胚屋不裝潢的感覺,該怎麼住? 來看看 SCRM 如何解決這個問題!

VALUE is the Trending Word of 2023
Pharmaceutical companies will be under increased pressure in 2023 to demonstrate that their products provide real value

最近讀到 BioSpectrum Steve Peretz 的 2023 藥廠趨勢分析,在對溝通 HCP 這一段,非常符合我近期對市場的觀察,分析中提到:

優化數位轉型,需要注意客戶體驗與跟客戶接觸的品質,會是 2023 維繫營收與關係維護的至要挑戰

In 2023, that trend will inevitably continue… next iteration will focus on leveraging the industry’s growing digital maturity to offer increased patient value while achieving measurable business goals… caregivers, physicians and other healthcare professionals… they want to see more advanced and useful user experiences.

避免讓 HCP 下載、註冊過多的程式、App、網頁,讓溝通渠道一站化,會是未來的趨勢。

…For customers and healthcare practitioners, there are few things more cumbersome than having to register for, or download, countless pharmaceutical programmes… we can expect Pharma to … ultimately provide a single online experience. This could be a single platform for CRM across brands, a single app platform, or a single website for all health conditions.

數據在 2023 則仍然維持是藥廠決策的重點。

Data has been the key driver behind the pharmaceutical sector’s new product-focused business approach — and in 2023, we can expect companies to get even better at managing the vast amounts of data at their disposal…

從 HCP 角度,每間藥廠都要求 HCP 下載品牌的程式,將會降低用戶體驗,進而降低 HCP 使用率與品牌溝通效能;而單獨只有 CRM,無論是 Veeva, Salesfroce 或是其他的系統,但沒有接觸的工具與節點,也無法產生任何數據。

溝通數位渠道的優化可以提升用戶使用率,進而增加藥廠數據的蒐集,並將數據回傳至您所使用的 CRM ,也嘉惠後續數據分析與市場規劃。


  1. . 作為與 HCP 互動的渠道,且可以蒐集 HCP 互動狀況
  2. 2. 可以整理數據與 CRM 整合
  3. 3. 渠道普及率高,觸及率高

而且在 HCP 角度可以滿足:

  1. 不用下載新的程式、App
  2. 平常都在使用,不用重新習慣

在台灣市場,透過「LINE 官方帳號」可以一次滿足上面所有的需求,在 LINE 上與 HCP 建立直接的溝通管道,比 SMS 或 Email 轉換率更高,並藉由互動建立長久的關係,增加品牌曝光與蒐集數據。我的客戶成功將 Touchpoint 成長 3 倍、互動轉換率成長 6 倍。對數位轉型、溝通與資料蒐集來說,應該可以說是目前線上最佳的解決方案。

但使用「LINE 官方帳號」與 HCP 溝通還是有許多的法規議題需要克服,這部分我們先留到下集

Just read "Value in the trading word of 2023" of Steve Peretz in BioSpectrum, sharing 2023 pharmaceutical industry trend analysis. About communicating with HCPs, it aligns very well with my recent market observations. I conclude 3 key points as follows:

  1. Optimizing digital transformation and focusing on the quality of customer experience and customer interactions will be the key challenge for revenue and relationship maintenance in 2023.
  2. In order to keep up with future trends, it will be important to prevent having HCPs download too many programs, apps, or web pages, and instead provide a one-stop communication channel.
  3. In 2023, data will continue to be a major factor in pharmaceutical decision-making.

From the HCPs' perspective, requiring HCPs to download a brand's program from each pharmaceutical company can reduce the satisfaction of user experience and decrease HCPs' usage ratio(MAU) and communication effectiveness. However, only having a CRM, e.g. Veeva, Salesforce, without any tools, nodes and touchpoint for interaction cannot generate any data.

Optimizing digital communication channels can increase user usage ratio(MAU), increase data collection for pharmaceutical companies, and integrate data to the CRM you are using, benefiting your data analysis and market planning.

Based on the above trends, the solutions that pharmaceutical companies need should be able to achieve the following from the pharmaceutical company's perspective:

  1. Serve as a channel for interacting with HCPs and collect data on HCP interactions
  2. Organize data and integrate it with the CRM
  3. High channel penetration and high reach

And from the HCP's perspective, the solution should satisfy the following:

  1. No need to download new programs or apps
  2. Can be used normally without relearning

In the Taiwan market, using "LINE Official Account" can satisfy all of the above requirements at once, and establish a direct communication channel with HCPs on LINE, with higher conversion rates than SMS or email and the ability to establish long-term relationships through interaction, increasing brand exposure and data collection. My clients have successfully tripled their touchpoints and increased their interaction conversion rate six-fold. It should be said that it is currently the best online solution for digital transformation, communication and data collection.

However, there are still many regulatory issues to tackle when using "LINE Official Account" to communicate with HCPs, which will be discussed in the next post.

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